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We Are Stronger Together

We know that it is our shared hope, determination, and resilience that will change our current reality and impact the lives of all widows, orphans, LGBTQ+ people and our families.

We are living during a time when the gains in recognition, access, and equity that we have fought for over decades are being met with unrelenting efforts to roll them back.

These efforts continue to especially target people of color, trans and gender diverse people, immigrants, orphans and women—and the resulting harm is even greater for those in our community living at the intersections.

Blessed Just Frank aims to empower all orphans, LGBTQ+ people and widows to improve their health and well-being, increase their skills, knowledge and confidence, and reducing their feelings of loneliness.


Building A More Equitable World

Our community’s response to these growing injustices has been to mobilize and resist—just as it always has been. Every day, we work to ensure every single person’s humanity is recognized, protected, and valued.

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